Purchase of shares by the private equity fund

We buy shares or stocks from shareholders interested in selling. It is also possible for the fund to purchase a new issue of shares.

€4-15 M

Value of investments

The amount of our financial involvement is €4-15M. This means that in the case of using the transaction debt or co-investment, the value of the transaction can be as high as €30 M.

30 %

Minimum share in a company's capital

Minimum stake in the company's capital. We prefer situations where a fund has a significant shareholder position.

3-7 years


Our investments usually last from 3 to 7 years.

Significant share

We prefer situations where the fund has the position of a majority shareholder.

Financial results

We expect stable financial results with growth potential. We do not invest in typical restructuring projects.

Market position

We want to cooperate with leading companies in a selected market segment, who have a proven business model and an established position.

Leveraging of transactions

In the case of stable companies, it is possible to use this in financing transactions.

Participation of managers

We prefer transactions in which managers engage their own financial resources.

Level of investment

The scope of investment of the fund ranges from €4 M to €15 M. This can be further increased/doubled by debt financing or additional capital from the co-investors/investors of the fund.


We do not have industry preferences, but we do not invest in the production and marketing of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, speculative actions, or the arms industry, as well as technologies that are particularly harmful to the environment.


We invest mainly in companies conducting business activity in Poland. However we are also interested in transactions in other countries of Central-Eastern Europe which are members of the European Union.