Avallon MBO FUND I sells Meyra Group SA



Avallon MBO FUND I, the owner of Meyra Group S.A. (previously known as Medort S.A.) has signed a conditional share purchase agreement regarding sale of shares in Meyra Group.
The buying party is an affiliate to H.I.G. Capital based in Miami, US, the leading global private equity investment firm.
The transaction is subject to clearance by the relevant antitrust authorities.

After years of intensive development, including number of acquisitions in different countries, Meyra Group S.A. is today among top-ten biggest manufacturers of rehabilitation and orthopedic equipment. Since Avallon invested in the company, it has grown tenfold, increasing turnover scale from ca. EUR 8 m to over EUR 80 m, constantly improving its financial results. One of the most and path-breaking steps in company’s entire history was the acquisition in 2013 of Meyra Ortopedia – the German leading manufacturer of active e-powered wheelchairs, and the company's subsequent integration and development in following years.

The case of Meyra Group S.A. is a perfect example of successful transformation of a local family-owned company (established in 1988 in Lodz, Poland, by Perner Family) into international capital group operating in 70 countries worldwide. It was possible thanks to Avallon’s support and execution of bilaterally agreed strategy by the managers led by Michal Perner – son of the founders.

HIG (www.higcapital.com):

HIG is a global investment company with assets of over EUR 30 billion, operating on the private capital market, with headquarters in Miami and offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta, as well as branches in London, Hamburg , Madrid, Milan, Paris, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. As part of its activities, H.I.G. offers both equity and debt financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.
H.I.G. since its foundation in 1993 has invested in over 300 companies around the world.
The current portfolio includes over 100 companies with total sales exceeding EUR 28 billion.